A Woman’s View Health Care OBGYN LLC offers comprehensive, individualized obstetrical care that fosters a healthy and happy pregnancy leading to a safe delivery. Our services include preconception counseling, complete term monitoring and care.

Preconception Counseling

The decision to start a family can be a daunting task that can be stressful. AWVHC LLC provides complete care and counseling that lessens the stress and anxiety that can cause complications. Our counseling services cater to each patient from the beginning of this decision.We discuss the patient’s family medical history and current health conditions that may affect conception and the baby’s health and development.These sessions give us the opportunity to provide individually tailored care programs to ensure the best outcome for mother and baby.

We provide prescriptions for all necessary medications and prenatal vitamins that include folic acid, as well as nutritional information and safe exercise programs.

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Prenatal Visits

A Woman’s View Health Care OBGYN LLC provides care through scheduled visits during your pregnancy. During these visits, we will perform regular examinations, occasional blood tests, and ultrasounds to monitor your baby’s health and development. We will also provide information on the development of the baby so that our patient is aware of any expected changes in each stage of development leading up to delivery. Also, Our certified nurse midwife is available to guide you through your pregnancy up till birth and post-partum.

High Level Ultrasound

Ultrasounds let our patients enjoy the experience of hearing the baby’s heartbeat, seeing the baby’s movement and development while in the womb.

Our high-level ultrasound imaging allows for more precise monitoring of the baby’s development. It helps our physician visualize any changes that could negatively impact the baby’s development and delivery so that corrective measures can be taken and determine if early intervention at birth is necessary.

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OB High Risk Care

Our goal is to keep mother and baby as safe as possible, especially for women with high-risk pregnancies.To this end, we provide fetal monitoring, ultrasound, and antenatal testing to assist in ensuring that the potential for complications is caught and monitored or treated early.

3D Obstetrical Ultrasound

Like High-Level Ultrasound, 3D obstetric ultrasound gives a much clearer image of the fetus.This ultrasound takes a series of images that are converted into a 3D model of the baby.This high-resolution 3D model allows parents to visualize their baby and allows our physician to accurately diagnose any conditions such as spina bifida, cleft lip or palate, and heart deformities.

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Labor, Delivery, and Postpartum Care

Every labor and delivery is different and AWVHC OBGYN LLC prepares our patients for that wonderful moment by providing a personalized plan and information. We also describe conditions that may affect your choice between vaginal birth or C-section.
Your postpartum care is as important to us as is delivery.

Your physician will be available during your hospital stay to provide the same excellent care you received prior to your delivery. We make sure that you and your newborn are healthy as you head home.

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We pride ourselves on being patient-centered and put the patient experience at the heart of everything we do. We take our patients on a journey by giving them our time and expertise to develop individual treatment plans to meet and exceed their treatment goals.

We look forward to welcoming you to A Woman’s View Health Care.